Learn on your own schedule

Our bootcamp is offered 100% online, so you don’t need to put your personal life on hold or quit your job to attend in-person classes. Within the online platform, you can check off assignments and chapters as you complete them, and use the progress bar to see how far you’ve made it through the curriculum, and how much you have left. Modules also include time estimates so that you can better plan your studies to fit into your schedule. You choose the pace that you move through the curriculum, right from the comfort of home.

Build technical knowledge and hands-on experience

Our bootcamp curriculum is built based on insights from hiring managers and domain experts, so you can rest assured knowing you are focusing on the skills you need to succeed in your career. You’ll also prove your ability to apply these skills though real-world projects, which you can include in your portfolio and discuss during job interviews. Learn more about UI/UX Design Bootcamp projects, including the industry design project.

Experience personalized human support

As a student, you’ll have a full support team behind you each step of the way, including a student success manager, industry mentor, and career coach. They’ll help you determine your goals, and work towards them during each step of the bootcamp.

Your industry mentor is a fundamental component of your bootcamp experience. Each student is paired with a mentor that aligns with your bootcamp and career aspirations. Through a vigorous application process, we recruit only the best industry experts who work for top companies. We select only 1 in 12 mentor applicants. Our hiring process includes:

  • Technical expertise screen: Confirm applicants have educational and professional qualifications, along with portfolios and published work that proves their technical competence.

  • Video interview: We want to ensure our mentors will be passionate, empathetic, and communicative influences in their students' bootcamp experience.

  • Training and guidance: If mentors pass both the technical expertise screen and video interview, they are provided with additional resources to grow their mentorship skills.

    Through this process, our students are matched with industry mentors who they are able to meet one-on-one with to support their progression through the bootcamp.

The Value of Mentorship
Earl Friedberg Headshot
Earl Friedberg
UX Lead
Elsa Ho Headshot
Elsa Ho
UX Researcher
Shyamala Prayaga Headshot
Shyamala Prayaga
Interaction Designer
Ali Rushdan Tariq Headshot
Ali Rushdan Tariq
Sr. Product Designer

Prepare for career progression

Bootcamp students can take advantage of optional career resources, including a personal career coach, who can help you by providing guidance depending on your background or goals. No matter if you are looking to change careers completely, or just brush up on some skills, there are many ways that your career coach can help:

  • Create a job search strategy, and evaluate which roles or companies are the best fit

  • Refine your resume to stand out from the pack

  • Practice your interviewing skills

  • Negotiate the best possible salary

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