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    What is UI and UX?

    • UX stands for User Experience: UX designers are responsible for a user's overall experience as they interact with every aspect of a product or service, such as an app or multi-step form.

    • UI stands for User Interaction: UI designers are responsible for determining the visual elements (e.g. menus, buttons, icons, etc.) that a person uses to interact with a product or service.

    • The average UX and UI designer salary in the US is between $70k and $107k according to

    Fit learning into your life, with a team that has your back

    • Learn on your own time: No need to quit your job. View lessons and work on projects on your schedule.

    • Get unlimited 1:1 mentor support: Meet weekly with your personal mentor, with as many additional calls as you need.

    • Build study plans that work for you: Complete the course sooner by putting in more hours per week.

    • Optional 1:1 career coaching sessions: Career coaches will help you define and drive your career strategy.

    Study in-demand design skills

    The bootcamp covers a combination of lectures, readings, projects, and career resources that are geared towards industry best practices. Additionally, you will get access to 300+ hours of optional coursework and projects in case you plan to switch careers into UI/UX Design in less than a year. Here is a preview of three of the course units.

    UI Foundations
    • UI principles, elements, & patterns

    • Material & iOS design

    • Design systems & style guides

    Prototyping and Testing
    • Building prototypes

    • Usability testing

    • Prototype iteration

    Low & High Fidelity Design
    • Sketching & wireframing

    • Accessible designs

    • High fidelity mockups

    Build a unique project portfolio that showcases your UI and UX skills

    In addition to UI-exercises throughout the program, you'll have the option to complete 4 portfolio projects, including a design sprint—where you will rapidly cycle through the entire design process in one week.

    You'll also have the opportunity to be matched with a real company to complete a 40-hour industry design project where you will:

    • Identify a customer problem to solve.

    • Conduct competitive research.

    • Sketch, design, and build a prototype.

    • Perform usability testing and identify improvements.

    Learn with an industry expert in your corner

    Having a personal mentor will help you build your skills faster and advance your personal growth.

    • Weekly 1:1 video calls: Get feedback on projects, discuss blockers, and refine your career strategy.

    • Accountability: Your mentor will help you stay on track so you can achieve your learning goals.

    • Unlimited mentor calls: Get additional 1:1 help from other mentors in our community, at no extra cost.

    Earl Friedberg Headshot
    Earl Friedberg
    UX Lead
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    Elsa Ho
    UX Researcher
    Shyamala Prayaga Headshot
    Shyamala Prayaga
    Interaction Designer
    Ali Rushdan Tariq Headshot
    Ali Rushdan Tariq
    Sr. Product Designer

    Is this program right for you?

    Do you have a detailed eye for design? If you like making things look beautiful, organized, accessible, and enjoyable, this program is right for you!


    All professional backgrounds are welcome with the ability to demonstrate strong visual skills, creativity, and clear communication.

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